Concerns as Brexit Clock Counts Down

by | Feb 13, 2019

Last week, we confirmed that new simplified customs procedures are being introduced at roro ports in the event of a no-deal Brexit. The announcement from HM Customs has been widely debated, with leading industry trade organisations already weighing in with concerns over their potential effectiveness.

In the meantime, there is no evidence to suggest the UK is nearer to agreeing an acceptable deal as we continue the countdown to the March 29th deadline.

Countdown to Brexit Deadline








UK businesses are able to register for the new simplified procedures HERE, which we believe are still being refined and expect HMRC to release further information in the near future.

We do recommend that importers and exporters speak to their local Customs Insights representative regarding their customs formalities as it is essential that they are aligned with the right partner.

Terry Clear – Managing Director of Customs Insights – commented “Since the borders came down over 30 years ago, we have seen the introduction of numerous truckers moving goods between the UK and Europe. Most of these companies have had no experience of customs formalities in the past three decades and in the event of a hard Brexit, may have little knowledge of the complexities involved.”

“Meanwhile Customs Insights and Uniserve Group, have continued to handle tens of thousands of customs entries and have retained a Dover operation throughout recent years. Facilities, such as our multi million pound customs duty deferment account, customs bonds, ERTS facilities, wet bond and various customs badges, which have been in place for many years, ensure that we are ideally placed to support a wide range of European logistics solutions and the customs needs that may develop.”

Customs Insights provide a range of customs related solutions including customs clearance, consultancy, Brexit planning and both AEO application and management. To talk to one of our customs specialists about planning for Brexit, then please email or call 01304 211652.

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