Ferries May Bypass UK Post Brexit

by | Apr 11, 2018

Recent new route announcements are indicating that EU ferry operators may be getting prepared to bypass the UK post Brexit. This development comes amid concerns over expected tailbacks at British ports due to increased checks at customs and immigration.

‘The Express’ recently suggested that there may be a drive to increase direct routes between Ireland and Mainland Europe, which will cut the UK out of the loop when our customs procedures for the EU change.

Brittany Ferries recently scheduled a new service between Santander and Cork, which followed Luxembourg based CLDN’s introduction of two “mega vessels” on new routes between Dublin and Zeebrugge/Rotterdam.

Currently, the majority of freight between Ireland and the continent is trucked over the UK, which is generally considered a faster route than direct sailings. Post Brexit – this may result in the need for two customs clearances as goods arrive and then depart the UK, en-route to their final destination.

Terry Clear – Customs Insights Managing Director – commented “Its understandable that ferry companies are preparing for a post Brexit future, as it looks more certain that our customs borders with Europe will be the same as they are with the rest of the world”

“At Customs Insights we have had to prepare in a similar fashion even though not everything is set in stone just yet. We recently moved to larger premises in Dover and are now resourced to cope with the additional demands of European customs entries.”

“We are currently using that resource to assist businesses in being better prepared, by looking at their customs processes and introducing beneficial facilities like AEO approved status.”

To find out more about how Customs Insights can help you prepare for a post Brexit future, then please email tc@customsinsights.co.uk Or call 01304 211652


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