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Customs Insights

Customs Insights Consultancy has been offering customs related services for over 15 years.  Our aim is to provide high quality customs solutions including comprehensive customs clearance at all major UK ports, customs consultancy, training and import/export duty management bureau operations.

Our People

Our success has been built on our people who we consider our greatest asset. We create a stimulating and motivational environment emphasizing continuity and long standing relationships.

We are a business driven by a set of values. We want everyone who works for us, no matter what their role, to be focused on helping us deliver a positive service that our customers talk about.

Pride – our people are proud of the fact they work for Customs Insights and in everything they do.

Committed – our people are committed to delivering great customer service.

Involved – our people are informed of new developments and kept-up-to date with the progress of the company and our customers.

Challenged – our people challenge each other and our customers constructively every day to ensure that we all reach our full potential.

Valued – our people are rewarded for their contribution.

Fairly treated – our people are respected and valued.

These values are the cornerstone of our account management methodology – shared responsibility and pride in the success of our customers and our own business.

Our Organisation

To best serve our clients customs needs, Customs Insights have established dedicated teams with over 100 years combined experience to the various customs procedures it controls.  Our main office is strategically located in Dover and provides a range of services related to RORO clearance, CFSP regimes, Consultancy (including AEO), EMCS and Intrastat. This has also allowed us to establish a centre of expertise encompassing all customs activities to help ensure that our clients get the best advantages and benefits from our services.

This investment demonstrates Customs Insights’ commitment to providing our customers with the very highest quality of service no matter what the customs needs of that client may be.

Our Benefits to You

eOver the past several years Customs Insights have realised a trend amongst customers to outsource all their customs needs. In response to this we have invested heavily in the training of our team and we feel this gives our customers the best option in the market, as they now have a one stop shop for all customs eventualities.  Whether that be a clearance at any port in the UK or a comprehensive evaluation of an importers customs operation.  Come to us with the problem and we will deliver the solution.

This approach enables us to offer consultancy, training and a CFSP and duty management bureau service that gives our customers the benefits without the requirement for investment in systems and manpower to operate them themselves.

Customs Insights: your compliance experts

Our Services

Consultancy Services

Ensure compliance, resolve difficulties, manage efficiencies and reduce duty.

Customs Clearance

Specialist Customs clearance services for forwarders and importers.

AEO Services

Working with Customs authorities to minimise delays internationally.

CFSP Bureau Services

Customs Freight Simplified Procedures, a simplified electronic paperless gateway.

Specialist Regimes

Compliance and expert assistance for the many specialist Customs regimes.

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