Specialists Regimes

Compliance and assistance for the many specialist Customs regimes.


There are many specialist Customs regimes, facilitations and simplifications available. Most require application and authorisation by Customs to operate. The authorisation lays out the legislation and the criteria under which the regime must be operated. Periodic assurance of compliance and operation will be sought by Customs and the penalties for non–compliance can be severe, so allow us to manage these processes for you.

Typical Specialist Regimes include:

Bonded Warehousing

A bonded warehouse, or bond, is a building or other secured area in which dutiable goods may be stored, manipulated, or undergo manufacturing operations without payment of duty. It may be managed by the state or by private enterprise. In the latter case a customs bond must be posted with the government.

Outward Processing Relief (OPR)

Using the OPR procedure enables you to claim relief from duty on the Community goods which have been exported for process, as long as you can show that the exported goods were used to produce, or are incorporated into, the products you are importing. Before you can claim duty relief under OPR, however, you must be authorised to use the arrangements.

Inward Processing (IP)

Duty is relieved on imports of non EC goods which are processed in the Community and re-exported, provided the trade does not harm the essential interests of Community producers of similar goods. It can provide relief from Customs duty, specific Customs duty (formerly CAP charges), anti dumping duty and countervailing duty.

Auth. Economic Operator (AEO)

The introduction of AEO status is the EC’s response to the need to secure international supply chains and the introduction of Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) in the USA and the development of the Safe framework of standards in the World Customs Organisation.

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