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Customs Freight Simplified Procedures, a simplified electronic paperless gateway.


How can CFSP save you money and time?

We all know that Customs duty, tax and compliance regulations are complex, sometimes difficult to understand and a minefield to cross for both small UK based and large International business. As an Authorised CFSP Computer Bureau, Customs Insights can automate these complex Customs administrations and offer many cash flow and time-saving benefits.

  • Fast & Guaranteed Port Release
  • Reduced Quay Rent Charges
  • No Paperwork Required Upfront
  • No Duty / VAT / Tax payments at time of arrival
  • Use of Bonded Warehousing until goods are Sold, Re-exported or Returned
  • Reduced Deferment Limit
  • Great Cash Flow Benefits
  • Reduced Cost for Port Demurrage and Storage
  • Easily created full Duty Management and other useful Reports

What is CFSP?

Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP) provides a simplified electronic paperless gateway to many of your Customs regimes, giving flexibility and making trading easier and faster for UK business involved in non-EU goods imports.

To use CFSP you must either become a CFSP Authorised trader, or alternatively use a CFSP Computer Bureau like Customs Insights Consultancy.

After becoming a CFSP Authorised trader or joining our bureau, you can gain fast, guaranteed port side (simplified) removal / release of most non-EU country imports, without submitting full details or paying tax or duty. Your paperwork (statistical and fiscal details) for goods is electronically provided to HM Revenue & Customs at a later date.

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